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Questions & Answers

QWhich Helix Studios Gay Adult Videos are available on the Roku Channel?

AOur contains all of the videos found in the members area of the Helix Studios website. You can watch the entire library of videos from Helix Studios as well as search for videos and view your favorites. The latest Helix Studios videos become available on the Roku within 24 hours of their release on our website.

QHow do I connect my Helix Studios membership with the Helix Studios channel on Roku?

ATo add Helix Studios to your Roku follow these steps:

1. Follow then sign in; and click “Add Channel”
2. Open the Helix Studios channel on your Roku for the activation code (if the Helix Studios channel icon is not showing, please restart your Roku device)
3. Go to // and sign in using your Helix user ID and password; enter the activation code from step 2.

QI'm not seeing the latest version of the Helix Studios channel, how do I update it?

AWhile on your home screen, navigate to the Helix Studios channel and press * then choose Check for updates. Alternatively, you can and all channels will be updated as well.

QWhich Roku players are compatible with the Helix Studios Channel?

AThe Helix Studios Channel will work on any Roku player that is software version 9.4 or above. You can check your software version by going to System Info->About on your Roku. You need to have the latest Roku installed.

QIs the Helix Channel available outside of the United States?

AYes. If you can access the Helix Studios website from your country, the Roku channel will also work.

QIs the Helix Studios Channel Free?

AYes the on Roku comes at no additional cost with your

QWhat type of Membership do I need to access the Helix Studios Roku Channel?

AAny membership plan with the exception of the 3 day Trial Membership will give you access to the Roku channel. If you plan on only using your Roku for watching Helix Studios Gay Porn videos, you can opt for our least expensive

QWhere do I buy a Roku Player?

AThe Roku Streaming Player is sold directly from or at any of .